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Yixing Teapots

For hundreds of years, aficionados of the many varieties of tea found in China have extolled Yixing teapots as superior to all other types of teapots for brewing it. The special zisha clay (containing iron, manganese, quartz and mica, and found only in surrounding areas neighboring Yixing (宜兴) l town in Jiangsu province from which teapots are made, because of unique porous structure of the clay they capable to absorb the delicate flavors of the tea and the teapots become more seasoned with each use.
Each Yixing teapot made by artisan is unique and hand-crafted in the long tradition of Yixing pot making. Some of these pots are brand new and some are already have a soul and have been seasoned. But all are looking for a good, deserving house to  fulfill their destiny of making impeccable tea. All of this in the spirit of sharing the enjoyment of tea through timeless, beautifully crafted tea vessels.

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