Fake Menghai Dayi puer labels- “Fake it 'til you make it”

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Currently on the tea market there are quite a lot of fake Dayi puer cakes, that is not only affects the Dayi's brand image, but also harms the interests of consumers. So how do you distinguish between real deal and high quality imitations of authentic products?

As many of you know Menghai Dayi a while ago in 2006 has implemented anti-fraud safety labels with incorporated multi-layer safety measures like micro-printing, fluorescent inks,metal films and multi-color filaments into their anti-fraud security label printing but criminal minds never rest and even with enhanced security measures inplace faking famous brand still very profitable business and quality of fake puer tea improves every day.

Here are few pictures showing comparison between real and fake labels

 Placement of the fluorescent ink marking has particular shape,font size,color and only visible under UV spectrum light. As you can see on right picture imitation label's ink colors subdued, the font does not match and placement of "DAYI" device is not properly allocated within label borders.

Menghai Dayi Puer fake label

Fluorescent filaments.

In addition to fluorescent ink marking Dayi have also implemented multi-color fluorescent filaments which also visible under UV light. Fake Dayi puer lable also has it but here is little difference, fake labels fluorescent filaments have different color reflection, and there filaments appear in same color. On the authentic labels you can see two or three different colors (yellow,red,blue or yellow and red) depends on UV light spectrum.

Fake Dayi label

Micro printing.

On real Dayi cakes micro-printing of characters both on metallized plastic anti-fraud strip embedded into paper and on the paper part is evenly spaced with perfect symmetry and clearly visible under magnification, fake labels character spacing is uneven or unreadable.

Safety line cutting.

Dayi Anti-Fraud labels have safety cutting on top and bottom of the label which not allows to pill-off the label from the package and keep it intact. It is quite impossible to remove the lable without damaging it. On authentic label the cutting is hardly visible and the label breaks into two pieces with wave shaped edge if you trying to pill it off. On the fake lable the cutting line is sturdy and not clearly cut, in many cases not breaking at all in case of pilling the lable off or breaking into uneven parts and also it is crearly visible under regular or UV light.

One more example of fake label for dessert.

Last update: March 29, 2014


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