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Menghai Dayi Gao Shan Yun Xiang 2012 (201)

Menghai Dayi Gao Shan Yun Xiang 2012 (201)

Product Code: Dayi Sheng Puer
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Menghai Dayi Gao Shan Yun Xiang 2012 (201)

Gao Shan Yun Xiang (高山韵象) raw puer is made entirely from the first flush spring blended maocha sourced from tea bases owned exclusively by Menghai Dayi tea factory, located in Bada and Bulang mountains. Tea trees are growing naturally on the average altitude of 1700 meter which is contribute to unique qualities of this tea. In addition these tea gardens are the only organic certified tea base of Menghai Dayi tea factory.
The tea soup is bright-yellow, very transparent and clear with high floral aroma. Thick, oily and mellow in the mouth with long-lasting aftertaste sweetness. The mouth feel changes constantly on each consecutive brewing.

Very good candidate for aging.

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