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Red Jade Black tea (Taiwan Cultivar No. 18)

Red Jade Black tea (Taiwan Cultivar No. 18)

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Red Jade Black tea (Taiwan Cultivar No. 18)

The exuberant and exotic aromas and taste of Taiwan oolongs teas are undisputed in the tea world. Nowhere can we duplicate Taiwan's rich soil and unique conditions for tea growing. Consequently, it comes as no surprise that Taiwan's offering in black teas can be equally fragrant and expressive! One of most impressive and representative black tea is undoubtedly Red Jade (Hong Yu).
This beautiful Bao Zhong style twisted whole leaf black tea made from recently introduced TTES-18 hybrid which is crossbreed between an Assamica strain from Burma and a local wild tea strain. Developed by the Tea Research and Extension Station's Yuchih branch, this unique varietal proposes the full character and body of an Assam with exuberant fruity notes of wild plums, hints of cinnamon and a fresh menthol finish. This black tea is surprisingly generous and could be re-steeped many times as it’s famous Taiwanese oolong cousins.

Origin: Yuchih township, Nantou county,  Taiwan

Elevation: 900m

Harvest Time: May 2013

Oxidation: 70%

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