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Yingde No.9 Black tea

Yingde No.9 Black tea

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Yingde No.9 Black tea

Yingde Hong Cha is a very rare black tea from Guangdong Province, made from the tea plant varietal No.9 which is originated from the Yunnan Big Leaf Cultivar called Yunnan Daye Zhong and which was planted in Guangdong province since 1959. As a result of the research carried out by the Guangdong Tea Research Institute, the new cultivar was bred and named as Ying Hong No. 9 or Ying Hong Jiuhao (英红九号) or Yingde Hongcha (英德红茶). Brewed tea delivers amazing full,mellow and thick taste with hints of dark chocolate, caramel, nuts and port wine and lingering long lasting sweet aftertaste and honey like aroma. No matter how long it is brewed, it maintains its smoothness and mellowness.

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