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Shan Lin Xi oolong winter harvest 2013

Shan Lin Xi oolong winter harvest 2013

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Shan Lin Xi oolong winter harvest 2013

Shan Lin Xi is one of the most appreciated and magnificent Gao Shan oolong teas (high mountain oolong). It comes from a relatively new growing area of Nantou county where the elevation is between 1600 meters to 1800 meters. High elevation and cool foogy weather year round allowing the leaves to grow at a slow pace and develop their distinctive clean, crisp taste in the cup with an intriguing wild floral aroma. Shanlinxi oolong distinguishes itself from other Gao Shan oolongs in that it features clearly defined balsam notes that makes it particularly appealing to the palate and nose. Many say that the surrounding fir tree forest that surrounds the tea gardens have something to do in conveying this pure evergreen feeling in the cup. 
Origin: Shanlinxi, Nantou county,  Taiwan
Elevation: 1700m

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